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EU awaits special law on Tymoshenko, expert says

The one-month extension of the Koks-Kwasniewski mission is due to the fact that there is no appropriate law regulating Tymoshenko’s treatment abroad, Vadym Karasyov, Global Strategies Institute director, told ZIK Oct. 16.

“A principal agreement on Tymoshenko’s treatment in Germany has been reached between Ukraine authorities, Western institutions and Yulia Tymoshenko. To implement the agreement, Rada should adopt an appropriate law. 
The law should specify the rights of convicts going abroad for medical treatment as well as the obligations (to return to Ukraine), Karasyov said.
The law should be universal and cover other convicts, not only Tymoshenko, he added.
The law is to be drawn up in detail to exclude any misinterpretations. It should not be a loophole for the rich to beat justice in Ukraine, he said.
One month will suffice to draw up the law adequately and to adopt it by Nov. 15 ahead of the Vilnius EU summit.
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