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Vlasenko: Tymoshenko agrees to pardon without rehabilitation

In his interview with the Ligabiznesinform Oct. 14, Serhy Vlasenko, Tymoshenko’s defense lawyer, said she will accept the presidential pardon without her political rehabilitation.

Vlasenko says complete legal and political rehabilitation would be a just solution to Yulia Tymoshenko’s case, but, given the situation, Yulia Tymoshenko is ready to go for a compromise.
 “Being a responsible politician, Yulia Tymoshenko realizes the importance of signing the strategic association agreement with the EU,” Vlasenko said.
She, therefore, would agree to the proposal made by Koks and Kwasniewski to go abroad for medical treatment without political rehabilitation in Ukraine, Vlasenko said.
Meanwhile, Vlasenko stressed that the incumbent, not the law, has the upper hand in providing a pardon.
“There are millions of ways in which Yanukovych can resolve the problem,” Vlasenko summed up.
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