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Tymoshenko accepts proposal to be treated in Germany

Serhy Vlasenko, Tymoshenko’s defense lawyer, said on Friday that Yulia Tymoshenko agreed to be treated in a German hospital, Ukrayinska Pravda reports Oct. 4.

 “Pet Koks and Aleksander Kwasniewski made an official proposal for me to be treated in Germany. I accept the proposal,” Vlasenko quotes her as saying. 
Koks-Kwasniewski mission is to come up with a report by Oct. 15 on the implementation by Ukraine of EU conditions for signing the association agreement.
The EU officials have appealed to Pres Yanukovych to free Tymoshenko and let her go to Germany for medical treatment. 
 “Time will show whether Viktor Yanukovych will find the courage and free Tymoshenko. He needs only a minute to make the decision,” Vlasenko said.
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