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Hrytsenko: It is unfair that association agreement with EU should be hinged on Tymoshenko’s release

Speaking in a press conference in Lviv Sept. 26, Anatoly Hrytsenko said it is unfair that Yulia Tymoshenko’s release should be a major condition for signing the association agreement with the EU, our correspondent reports.

The probability of signing in Vilnius is currently 50-50, as the situation has deteriorated and is stuck on the release of Tymoshenko, he said.
The release of Tymoshenko is important, Hrytsenko noted, but the issue has reached undeservingly large proportions.
It would be unjust to condition the future of 46 million of Ukrainians on one personal case.
 “A lot depends on Yanukovych since he has the power, but certain steps should be taken by Tymoshenko,” he said.
If personal grudges take the upper hand, there won’t be any success in Vilnius, Hrytsenko stressed.
It is important that Tymoshenko publicly appeal to EU leaders to support the association with Ukraine, same as the leaders of Ukraine opposition parties, Hrytsenko said
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