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Ukraine is soon to get off Russia’s gas hook - Tymoshenko

By 2020, Ukraine can practically stop buying the Russian gas, ex-Premier Yulia Tymoshenko told The Ukrayinska Pravda Sept. 17.

 “I am convinced that cutting by half the supplies of the Russian gas over the past 3 years, higher transit pumping prices, import of gas from Europe, shale gas extraction projects, and plans to build a LNG-terminal are the positives resulting from the gas contract signed in 2009,” she said.

 “This is only the beginning. I believe, by 2020 Ukraine will get off the Russian gas hook and become truly economically independent,” she said.

 “I have always been astonished by the outcry around the 2009 contract. It was caused by weak and short-sighted politicians. I was convinced that only time can prove the contract’s real worth,” Tymoshenko said.

 “We should not beg for the cheap gas, we must instead modernize the country’s power, steel, and chemical plants, upgrade the heat-supply system in order not to humiliate ourselves begging for the cheap Russian gas,” she said.

“That is what I was going to do as of 2010. I did not expect Yanukovych to become a president and start selling out Ukraine’s sovereignty and extending the use of Sevastopol base by Moscow,” she said.

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