News » Sport 14 September, 2013, 9:18
Sensational defeat of Shakhtar in Lviv

Karpaty, the Lviv-based and presently limping soccer team known for its surprise wins against leading clubs, Sept. 13 defeated Shakhtar (Donetsk), one of Ukraine’s heavyweighters.

Karpaty confirmed the tradition of playing in a last-ditch manner against recognized leaders, scoring 3 goals against Shakhtar’s 2.

Mircha Lucescu, the Romanian coach of Shakhtar, put the blame on Karpaty, accusing players of dilly-dallying, playing for time and concentrating on the defense.

He refused to shake hands with Sevidov, Karpaty’s coach, after the match, causing catcalls and boos from the fans.

Lucescu later admitted his team had expected an easy win, and started to make mistakes when Karpaty scored.

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