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Russia to step up pressure on Ukraine closer to winter, political expert says

Ukraine and Moldova will face the strongest Rusia’s pressure, says US-based Janush Bugajski in his interview to Ukrainian Week Sept. 13.

There are three reasons why Russia wants to stop any movement of former CIS states toward Europe.

First, the European integration will undermine Russia’s cherished dream of gathering CIS states under its control.

Second, the integration will provide an umbrella from Moscow’s political and economic pressure.

Third, the integration will expose Kremlin’s murky business interests based on corruption and crime.

 “In the case of Ukraine, Russia will step up its pressure closer to the winter. With regards to Moldova, Russia, in addition to fuel and economic levers, will play off the Prydnistrovya card, like in the case of Southern Osetia and Abkhazia,” Bugajski believes.


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