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Kravchuk: Yanukovych alone cannot let Tymoshenko go for treatment abroad

“Yulia Tymoshenko should be allowed to go for mediacl treatment abroad as she does not trust Ukrainian doctors and, apparently, has good grounds to believe so. Germany agreed to treat her, and the issue should be resolve,” Leonid Kravchuk said, TCH reports Aug. 29.

“Verkhovna Rada may have its say, as this is the first time we face a situation like this. The issue must be resolved as it stands in the way of signing the association agreement with the EU,” he said.
However, the president cannot resolve the issue alone. Although the president has the final say, he cannot solve the problem alone, he said.
Experts and politicians have offered several ways of dealing with the issue. Ombudswoman Lutkovska, for example, says an international treaty is needed subject to the approval of both legislatures.

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