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Yury Lutsenko: Yanukovych is our temporary ally

The Ukrainian opposition is ready to play ball with the regime in signing the association agreement with the EU. Yanukovych is a temporary ally of the opposition and Ukrainians on the way to a European country. Such was the bottom line of the round table of in Kyiv on Aug. 23, Radio Svoboda reports.

The round table was attended by the leaders of the opposition parties, NGOs and academicians. \the organizers invited government representatives but they flouted the invitation.

The speakers admitted Ukraine was at a crucial stage of European integration, with many laws to be endorsed to make the signing of the association agreement possible. |The laws are to reform the judicial system electoral procedures and decrease corruption.

Yury Lutsenko said Pres Yanukovych is the opposition’s temporary ally. “Until the ink on his signature dries up, he is our ally. The following day the ink dries up, he is again our adversary whom we have to defeat in the 2015 presidential elections,” Lutsenko said.


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