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Activist with documentary about Yanukovych residence detained at Boryspil airport

An activist of the Chesno NGO, Alisa Ruban, who was flying to Berlin to demonstrate a film about Pres Yanukovych’s posh country residence, was detained by the customs in Kyiv Boryspil airport, Chesno website reported Aug. 23.

She was detained to undergo an additional check in one of the customs premises.

Customs officials showed interest in the film about Yanukovych luxurious residence Mezhyhirya. They told Ruban they were looking for some state secrets revealed in the film.

Later, the officials admitted there were no state secrets in the film. However, they copied the film without Ruban’s permission, warning the film would be examined and Ruban would be notified about the results on her return to Ukraine.

Earlier, the demonstration of the film in Sevastopol was disrupted by the electricity cut, followed by a smoke grenade thrown into the viewers’ hall. 

Similarly, the demonstrations of the film in Mykolayiv, Odesa and Donetsk were interrupted by unidentified persons, Ukrayinska Pravda reports Aug. 24.

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