News » Politics 18 July, 2013, 13:32
Regions want repeat parliamentary elections in 7 controversial constituencies on Dec. 22

The opposition, however, is insisting that the elections in the 7 fraud-marred constituencies be held in September or October.

Regions say the opposition wants the elections ahead of the EU-Ukraine summit to disrupt the signing of the association agreement and then accuse the regime of the failure.
Meanwhile, experts say the date proposed by the Regions is not good as the voter turn-out will be low ahead of the holiday season.
Moreover, experts note, the vote tallying and court appeals will fall for the peak of New Year festivities and won’t be controlled effectively.
The vote-rigging at the Oct. 2012 parliamentary elections was so heavy and the saotage by the Regions-controlled election commissions so blatant, that the results of the vote in 5 constituencies could not be established.
Later on, the High Administrative Court in a highly disputed hearing revoked the mandates of 2 lawmakers who refused to side with the Regions faction. 

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