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Regions opt for harsher punishment for attacking police

In his July 15 story for Radio Svoboda, Dmytro Barkar says the Regions lawmakers insist for heavier punishment for attacking police precincts, pointing the finger at the opposition for inciting Ukrainians to violent protests. The opposition, however, says the police violence has crossed the line and is breeding protests.

In Kyiv Svyatoshyno the opposition picketed the rayon precinct demanding punishment for one of its officers who had hit an activist, Iryna Bondar.

In the clash with the police 11 riot police officers claimed they had received injuries and were taken to hospital. But NGOs say they have footage showing Svyatoshyno precinct deputy head instructing his men to report even the minor injuries.

The activists, therefore, accuse the “hurt” policemen of pretending.
With 4 days after the accident, the police say they are looking for police attackers.

Regions main spokesman, Volodymyr Olijnyk, says the attackers must be brought to trial.

His colleague Mykola Dzhyha says the Regions are drawing up a bill to impose harsher responsibility for attacking the police.

SVOBODA’s Andry Illenko, however, says tightening the screws will backlash on the authorities. The existing police brutality, flagrant violation of the law and anti-Ukrainian behavior has reached a boiling point. 

Says Illenko,” The police have crossed the line in their audacity and anti-Ukrainian feelings. They torture, kill, rape, cover up drug traffic, indulge in bribe-taking and political repression. No wonder they provoked the hate of Ukrainians.” 

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