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Court recognizes illegal interference of Yushchenko in 2008 gas talks

The High Administrative Court admitted the then president, Viktor Yushchenko, overstepped his authority by interfering in 2008 gas talks with Russia, lawyer Serhy Batryn told Ukrayinska Pravda July 11. Batryn had earlier filed a suit against Yushchenko for disrupting the gas talks which led to exceedingly high gas price for Ukraine.

Citing the statute of limitations, the court said the facts of Yushchenko intrusion had been made public and, therefore, need not be confirmed again.
Batryn accused Yushchenko of ordering Naftohaz head Oleh Dubyna to leave talks in Moscow while he was close to signing a lucrative contract with Russia.
Now, Batryn says, the court gave him the green light to demand the criminal accountability of Yushchenko.

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