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Billboards with demands to Yanukovych blotted out in Zakarpatya

July 5, billboards appeared in Mukacheve listing demands to Yanukovych to repay to the city community the 24 million hryvnias ($3 mn) earned in local taxes and withheld by the state treasury. The big boards were blotted out July 6 late at night, reports July 8.

Other demands included to resume funding for the city water utility, new club construction, electricity networks and children playgrounds.
The billboards were also posted in many other cities – Ivano-Frankivsk, Sumy, Rivne, among others all over Ukraine. They were part of a peaceful campaign to resume funding for essential projects.
Now security service SBU want to know who had ordered the billboards, Rada lawmaker Viktor Baloha writes in Facebook.
 “I have just learned from a resident of Hust, Zakarpatya, who owns the advertising company which posted the billboards that he had been summoned by the SBU,” Baloha writes.
 “As far as I know, SBU’s business is to fight terrorism, catch spies and not to harass businessmen,” Ukrayinska Pravda quotes Baloha as saying.

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