Wednesday, 3 July, 2013, 13:03 Politics
NCRTV denies license to Lviv-based ZIK TV as it is not controlled by authorities

The National Council for Radio and TV Broadcasting is taking away licenses from independent TV companies.

According to Reporters Without Borders media watchdog, 2013 is the worst year since 2004 in terms of the observance of freedoms of Ukrainians. The number of attacks on journalists and cases of political censorship have increased sharply, said participants of a round-table at ZIK TV July 3.
Independent Rada lawmaker Oles Donij put the blame for muzzling the media on NCRTV that has become an obedient tool of the presidential administration.
As ZIK TV is not controlled by the Donetsk clan it has problems with renewing its broadcasting license. Meanwhile, pocket TV companies are favored by the NCRTV, Donij said. 

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