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Tymoshenko proposes round-table with Yanukovych to secure association agreement with EU

Ex-Premier Yulia Tymoshenko proposed to hold a national round-table to implement EU guidelines for Ukraine’s integration. She invited the opposition, regime, lawmakers and public figures to participate – even by scrapping their summer vacations, Radio Svoboda reported June 28.

“The signing of the association agreement is in danger zone today. As patriots, we have no right to engage in criticism. Let’s discard our emotions and sit at the table of negotiations with the regime for the sake of Ukraine,” Tymoshenko saide in a letter publicized by her daughter Yevhenia June 27. 
Round-table participants should include the president and his team, Rada speaker, leaders of all parliamentary factions, heads of Rada committees related to EU integration, Venice Commission reps, leaders of PACE groups and EU ambassadors in Ukraine, ex-foreign ministers of Ukraine, public figures and leaders of NGOs, Tymoshenko said. 
Such round-table should sit once a week in the presence of the media.
Rada must put off its summer recess as merely 67 days are left to the November deadline, Tymoshenko said.
Regions heavyweight Volodymyr Olijnyk, however, called the Tymoshenko proposal another publicity stunt, criticizing the opposition for blocking Rada and refusing to meet with Yanukovych in his administration.

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