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Yushchenko is to be brought to court for gas dealings, Vlasenko says

Ex-Pres Viktor Yushchenko overstepped his mandate when he banned Naftohaz chief Oleh Dubyna to sign a lucrative gas contract with Russia in 2008,

Tymoshenko’s defense lawyer and colleague Serhy Vlasenko told UNIAN June 26.
Vlasenko was commenting on lawyer Stanislav Batrin’s lawsuit against Yushchenko for disrupting the lucrative contract.
Yushchenko had no authority to interfere in commercial operations of businesses, Vlasenko said.
As a president is immune from prosecution only during his tenure in office, Yushchenko can now be brought to justice, Vlasenko stressed.
Vlasenko was skeptical about the chances of Batrin to win the case as Yushchenko and Yanukovych were part of the same team.
The ill-fated 2008 gas contract was negotiated by the then Premier Yulia Tymoshenko. Yushchenko, who viewed Tymoshenko as his enemy No. 1, did everything to disrupt her initiatives.

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