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The problem is that Yatseniuk-Yanukovych pow-wow was behind closed doors

It’s good that Batkivshchyna’s leader Arseny Yatseniujk has met with Pres Yanukovych, but the rub is that their meet was not public, says Serhy Taran, director of the International Institute of Democracy, speaking to ZIK June 20.

Such meeting between the opposition and power are positive, but they should be public. First, the most knotty problems are to be discussed and areas defined where cooperation and consensus is possible, for instance the European integration. Finally, it is a positive signal to Ukrainians that problems can be resolved at the negotiations table, not by manifestations and protests, Taran says. 
Meanwhile, we can only guess what they were talking about yesterday, the expert says. 
Commenting on the refusal by Klitschko and Tyahnybok, the leaders of other mainstream opposition parties, to join Yatseniuk, Taran says it must have been a tactical move.
 “If the three opposition leaders, whose summary approval rating is two times that of Yanukovych, with Communist and Regions leaders, Symonenko and Yefremov, sitting by their side, the latter would have stolen much of the show, Serhy Taran says.

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