Thursday, 20 June, 2013, 20:40 Politics
Lviv ZIK Radio conflict has political dimension, Tomenko says

The Rada committee on freedom of expression and information criticized the decision by the National Council for Radio and TV Broadcasting to rescind its earlier allocation of frequencies in favor of a broadcaster from the other oblast of Ukraine. The committee, furthermore, questioned the integrity of NCRTVB, committee member Mykola Tomenko says.

The entire conflict is not about ZIK, it’s about an unbiased distribution of frequencies. The NCRTVB has demonstrated a biased attitude which will not do any good for Ukraine’s media, ZIK holding director Dmytro Dobrodomov said, addressing the committee session today. 
ZIK (West Ukrainian Information Corporation) is a flagship media outlet in Western Ukraine. It won high reputation by its uncompromising investigative coverage. That is why NCRTVB sets roadblocks to impair ZIK Radio broadcasts.
The Rada committee is to screen the issuance of licenses by Regions-dominated NCRTVB and expose many of its murky decisions, Dobrodomov said. 

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