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Yatseniuk didn’t wring control of Batkivshchyna from Tymoshenko, her clout remains, expert

There was no power grab of Batkivshchyna after merger with Front for Change as Yatseniuk’s leverage is limited, Vadym Karasyov told ZIK June 17.

“Those who merge are winners in politics. The merger will strengthen the opposition,” the expert said. 
Yatseniuk has not become the leader of the Batkivshchyna as Tymoshenko retains her positions. The operative control is in the hands of Turchynov, Tymoshenko’s loyal deputy. Therefore, the deal can be described as an acquisition of FfC by Batkivshchyna, Karasyov said.
The nomination of Tymoshenko for president is a symbolic move and a tactical maneuver.
As the presidential election will be held in several rounds, it is logical for Batkivshchyna to put up its own candidate, he said.

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