Wednesday, 12 June, 2013, 11:22 Politics
UDAR decries NCTV&R attack on Lviv-based ZIK Radio

UDAR Lviv oblast council lawmakers have tabled an appeal to Ukraine’s highest officials, lawmakers and National Council for TV and Radio Broadcasting to reconsider its decision to suspend Lviv ZIK Radio’s license.

UDAR demands that the issue of frequencies by NCTV&R must be coordinated with local officials, who are more aware about the local specifics.
Over the past years, NCTV&R issued radio broadcasting licenses to a number of TV&R companies which have nothing to do with the Lviv oblast.
Meanwhile, ZIK Radio is known for its unbiased reporting and critical exposure of corrupt deeds of local power brokers.
Out of 20 radio broadcasters in the Lviv oblast, the majority is the so-called national broadcasters who do not take into account the local specifics, and bring in a foreign culture, traditions and language, the appeal runs. 
The denial to ZIK Radio to broadcast in Lviv oblast is proof of the infringement on the freedom of expression by NCT&R, UDAR lawmakers say. 

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