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Tymoshenko takes Yatseniuk with grain of salt, expert says

The merger of Batkivshchyna and Front for Change will apparently take place, but mistrust in Yatseniuk will continue, same as petty stand-offs in the party, Volodymyr Fesenko, Center for Political Analysis director told ZIK June 10.

Many in Batkivshchyna risk losing their posts following the merger, and this leads to discontent, Fesenko says.
There won’t be complete merger, the expert says, with ambitions leaders of fringe parties like Hrytsenko, Kyrylenko and Katerynchuk refraining for jumping on Batkivshchyna bandwagon.
 “Yatseniuk is disliked by many Batkivshchyna members but there is no choice, as the rift is the worst thing that may happen,” Fesenko says.
Meanwhile, Yatseniuk is interested to bring Batkivshchyna under his control and be viewed as Tymoshenko’s official successor.
 “Skeptical of Yatseniuk, Tymoshenko will keep him on a short leash, stopping him from acquiring complete control of the new party. However, her possibilities are limited and she is also interested in the merger, aware that it is the only alternative to launch a successful presidential campaign,” Fesenko believes. 
Another important factor is the party’s funding. Without Yatseniuk and Martynenko bankrolling the party, Batkivshchyna will soon go down.
Fesenko says the merger will apparently take place but Batkivshchyna will become a weak link in the opposition.
A part of Batkivshchyna old timers wrote a letter to Yulia Tymoshenko accusing Arseny Yatseniuk and his right hand colleague Mykola Martynenko of failing to demand Tymoshenko’s release from prison and attempts to win control over the party. 

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