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Single opposition candidate for president will be a mistake, Yulia Tymoshenko warns

Tymoshenko is against putting up a single candidate for president by the opposition if the elections are held in two rounds, she writes in her letter posted on Batkivshchyna website May 30.

If there is a 2-round presidential election in 2015, a single opposition candidate will not ensure the victory for the opposition, she said. 
One of the representatives of the democratic opposition will definitely make it to the second round. However, there may be two opposition candidates in the second round. Both scenarios are positive, and Ukrainians should not be denied the right to choose due to backstage deals, Yulia Tymoshenko wrote. 
The ”benefits” of having a single opposition candidate are increasingly played out in Ukraine. The regime and its money bags Kliuyevs, Liovochkins, Firtashs and others want to cash in on the ambitions of opposition politicians. Their goal is to deal a mortal blow to the opposition leaders several days ahead of the election by portraying them as inefficient and short-sighted. 
The opposition is to rally Ukrainians ahead of the first round against the ruling “family” of Yanukovych, Tymopshenko said.
Tymoshenko wants the opposition leaders to sign a public agreement on refraining from campaigning against each other in the first round and on unconditional support of the opposition candidate in the second round.
 “It was the lack of unity in the second round in 2010 presidential election that made it possible for the current political gamblers to win the presidency,” she said. 

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