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Kuzmin does not rule out that Tymoshenko may be sent to Germany for medical treatment

“There are no laws banning medical treatment of convicts abroad, but the issue is not that simple. To treat Tymoshenko in Germany, interstate agreements are needed,” deputy prosecutor general Renat Kuzmin told Radio Svoboda May 28.

  Asked if talks to treat Yulia Tymoshenko abroad are under way, Kuzmin said he is a prosecutor and his duty is to investigate crimes. 
  He also confirmed Pres Yanukovych can give pardon to Tymoshenko but first all the law suits in which she is involved are to be completed. 
  The liberation of Tymoshenko is possible and it is the prerogative of Yanukovych, Kuzmin summed up, but all her law suits are to be completed, he stressed.
  According to earlier reports, the authorities proposed to Yulia Tymoshenko to go west for treatment in exchange for giving up politics. She refused the proposal.

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