News » Politics 15 May, 2013, 12:17
Authorities propose Tymoshenko to leave Ukraine and give up politics

Yanukovych insiders from his administration proposed to Tymoshenko to skip politics in exchange of a free passage out of Ukraine for medical treatment, Batkivshchyna’s lawmaker Andry Pavlovsky said.

She refused, demanding political and legal rehabilitation, he said.
Asked if today’s rough treatment of the president in Verkhovna Rada by the opposition does not offend the incumbent, Pavlovsky said everything was OK. 
 “These people do not understand anything except pressure and sanctions. As soon as offshore accounts of the sons of Yanukovych or Akhmetov are frozen, Tymoshenko will be freed the following day,” the lawmaker said, Ukrayinska Pravda reports May 15. 

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