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Yury Lutsenko: regime opts for single-round presidential election

The failure by some key opposition lawmakers to vote for Azarov cabinet’s resignation is a slap in the face of Ukrainians, Obkom quotes him as saying in an interview Apr. 29.

Lutsenko said he means Klitschko, Poroshenko and Martynenko.
 “At present, 80% of Ukrainians do not have trust in Yanukovych,” he said.
Therefore, the regime wants to elect the incumbent in a single-round election.
Only a single opposition candidate can stop Yanukovych from reelection.
Ukrainian fat cats won’t rise against Yanukovych unless they clearly see that he will be defeated by a single opposition candidate.
Describing the current rift in the parliamentary opposition, self-nomination of candidates for Kyiv mayor elections and new turncoats, Lutsenko said this is the bitter truth. 
In his opinion, the self-nomination by Katerynchuk for Kyiv mayor is no opposition, but a paid-for show by the presidential administration.
If the opposition fails to put up a single candidate for president by the year end, he will have to tell the whole bitter truth about the opposition, Lutsenko warned.

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