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EU may sign association agreement with Ukraine with Tymoshenko kept in prison

The European Union may sign the agreement on association with Ukraine in November even if Yulia Tymoshenko is not freed from prison, Poland’s Gazeta Wyborcza wrote Friday, on the heels of the visit by four European foreign ministers to Kyiv.

The key role in signing the agreement will be played by Germany, with Angela Merkel changing her so far unconditional stand on freeing Tymoshenko, the newspaper writes.
Polish diplomats managed to persuade Merkel’s environment that Tymoshenko cannot be regarded as a martyr due to her murky past and role in the wild privatization in Ukraine.
If Ukraine’s regime does not make any unpleasant surprise, at the late November EU summit the agreement may be inked, the Polish newspaper says. 
Citing an unidentified German diplomat, the newspaper says Ukraine’s chances will grow due to Russia Pres Putin’s policy of tightening the screw on Ukraine.
Putin’s pressure on Ukraine to join the Customs Union is mounting, but if this happens, Ukraine’s chances of integration with Europe will become dim, the newspaper says.

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