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Three main opposition parties appeal to Yanukovych to free Tymoshenko

According to Tymoshenko’s defense lawyer Andry Kozhemyakin, three main opposition parties have appealed to Pres Yanukovych to free Yulia Tymoshenko and let her run for president in the 2015 election, Ukrayinska Pravda reports Apr. 23.

Yulia Tymoshenko must be freed at once, all criminal proceedings against her must be dropped, she is to be rehabilitated politically and legally to be able to run for president, the opposition statement says. 
The statement was signed by Arseny Yatseniuk, Oleh Tyahnybok and Vitali Klitschko and was handed to Pres Yanukovych and EU parliament.
Earlier, women lawmakers, public figures and political experts asked Yanukovych to pardon Tymoshenko.

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