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OUN, UPA red herring for Polish government

The scandal in the Polish government over signing a memorandum on building a gas pipeline by-passing Ukraine and tensions over the anniversary of the Volyn massacre may be viewed in the same context – some Polish political parties are trying to distract attention from the scandal, former Pres Yushchenko’s representative for international energy issues Bohdan Sokolovsky told ZIK Apr. 23.

Neither the Poles, nor the Ukrainians stand to gain if the Polish parliament adopts a resolution condemning UPA, OUN and the nationalist SVOBODA party.
 “I don’t believe the Polish Seim, being a balanced legislature, will adopt the resolution. If we start digging up old grudges we may find many from both sides. We must look towards the future and sober politics must get the upper hand. This page should be turned over, we should both apologize as the blame is mutual.
Official Warsaw has demonstrated that the proposed Yamal-Europe gas pipeline has no future. “I don’t believe the project will be realized. Russia has already excess gas pumping capacities to Europe, the expert said.
Mounting tensions between Ukraine and Poland is playing into the hands of Russia, an opportunity Moscow will hardly lose, Sokolovsky said.

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