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Opposition hands over petition to Yanukovych to pardon Tymoshenko

Twenty opposition women lawmakers, including O. Kuzhel, M. Matios, L. Denysova, I. Lutsenko and L. Hrynevych, sent an appeal to Pres Yanukovych to pardon the jailed opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukrayinska Pravda reports Apr. 18.

For Yanukovych, there are no obstacles to give clemency to Tymoshenko. It will take him just 5 seconds to sign an appropriate decree, Tymoshenko’s defense counsel Serhy Vlasenko says.
There are many legal mechanisms of pardoning Tymoshenko, Vlasenko continues. One of them is to make Regions faction in VR adopt the law decriminalizing the article under which Tymoshenko was jailed.
 “However, the incumbent shows his unwillingness to free Tymoshenko, telling us tales. Don’t be misled by these tales – there are no legal impediments. Its a totally political issue, and Yanukovych doesn’t have to refer to past court rulings, saying he cannot overturn them,” Vlasenko says.

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