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Lutsenko: I can run for president, but I do not want to

“As my lawyers explained to me, I can run for president, but I do not want this,” Lutsenko said, speaking to Dzerkalo tyzhnya Apr. 13.

“I also have no plans to become the leader of another opposition party. I do not want to head anything, even the round table of opposition leaders and intellectuals I was speaking about. But I do want to do my best to start it up and keep it going as this is Ukraine’s major task today,” Lutsenko said.

Ukraine badly needs a round table with participants with level playing fields, he said. “We all will have to decide where this table is to be placed and who will sit at it,” he added. 

“All the talks that Lutsenko will re-divide the opposition turf once out of jail is mere spin. I have no intention to re-divide the turf but I am willing to change the political dimension,” Lutsenko assured, saying the regime is trying to play him off against Arseny Yatseniuk. .

 “There will be no rift in the opposition ranks,” Lutsenko stressed.

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