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Taras Chornovil: Lutsenko became more balanced and won’t agree to be used to divide opposition

Yury Lutsenko does not want to divide the opposition, planning to focus on the civic sector, expert Taras Chornovil told ZIK Apr. 10.

According to Chornovil, the situation in the opposition camp is grave, and Lutsenko had a good reason to declare earlier that the opposition had betrayed him. 

 “Lutsenko is well aware of the fact that, by freeing him from prison, the regime counted on his driving a wedge among the opposition leaders,” Chornovil said. 

 “However, the authorities failed to see that the past 2 years of his imprisonment turned Lutsenko into a much more balanced politician who would never fall for the Regions plans. To enter politics for him would engage him into a wrangling with the present venal opposition lords in the Rada. To avoid the confrontation, Lutsenko chose the civic sector which he wants to become a springboard for his future political activity.

Lutsenko has recently declared the creation of a new civic movement with former Maidan revolution commanders Taras Stetskiv, Volodymyr Filenko and Roman Bezsmertny at the core.

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