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Yury Lutsenko to sideline present opposition leaders, Regions expect

Thanks to the “wise and balanced” decision by Yanukovych to pardon Lutsenko, Yury Lutsenko can have his civil rights, save for running for an elected office, since his prison term was not revoked, says Regions heavyweight Mykhailo Chechetov, his press service reports Apr. 8.

Lutsenko’s release will change the balance within the opposition, Chechetov says.

“Lutsenko’s first words and interviews have taken some shine off the opposition leaders,” he assumes.

 “As the old people say, there can’t be two suns in the sky. I, therefore, believe that Yatseniuk, Klitschko and Tyahnybok will tend to become nervous and the tug-of-war among them will eclipse the wrangling among Yushchenko and Tymoshenko,” Chechetov says. 

According to Chechetov, Viktor Yanukovych will shine more brightly against the opposition backdrop – as leader of the nation and statesman able to lead Ukraine forward.

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