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Revaluation of values

What we are having now will soon lose its value. The laws passed by Verkhovna Rada and VR itself will lose value. Ukrainians with their diverse NGOs, discussions and projects will have no value, same as armchair voters who are eagerly waiting for someone to come and resolve their problems for them.

The united opposition, UDAR, Svoboda with their sober thinking, differences, and eternal play-by-the-rules attitude to those who always bend the rules, will not matter at all soon.
The Communists so smartly cashing in on nostalgia for the lost Socialist paradise will also stop to matter, same as the Party of Regions so obediently serving the president.

Small and medium-sized businesses and fat cats will lose their value.
Even political prisoners and the association agreement with the EU will not matter so much.

What MATTERS is the referendum which will soon multiply all these values by zero to create a new weird society where there won’t be Verkhovna Rada, political parties, entrepreneurship, fat cats with their huge companies, TV channels, planes and factions. There will just be “the president” who will give orders to 300 money bags (not even sacks) rubberstamping laws in Verkhovna Rada.
And there will be slaves fed by crumbs from the Yanukovych table.
We lived under Communism, then under transit democracy. Now we will live under the autocratic monarchy about which we used to read in books and heard in TV news from faraway countries.
Are you ready?

By Serhy Taran, political expert, on Apr. 6 for Ukrayinska Pravda

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