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Rectors of Lviv universities ask authorities not to meddle

Speaking at the meeting of Lviv university rectors March 27, the rector of Lviv Polytechnic Prof. Yuriy Bobalo spoke about the problems facing universities.

One of them is the interference of the state in the work of universities. Bobalo said the universities are earning money by doing research and cooperating with the industry. However, the money earned are to be transferred to the state treasury and the universities cannot spend them the way they want. 
Another problem is a low level of secondary school leavers. Those applying for universities merely concentrate on a narrow list of subjects in which they will be tested prior to enrolling, foregoing other important subjects.
The government must do everything to raise the education level of school leavers, Bobalo said.
 “Our only wish is that the government stop meddling with the work of universities. When we have access to the money we earn, when checks by the ministry ( 2-3 a year) are cancelled, rectors will be able to resolve any problem they may be faced with,” he summed up

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