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Kuchma and Lazarenko contracted murder of Shcherban, his business partner says

Speaking to March 25, Yevhen Shcherban’s business partner, Yury Dedukh, said Shcherban’s murder, of which Tymoshenko is accused, had been masterminded by Leonid Kuchma and Pavlo Lazarenko.

 “Beyond doubt, Kuchma and Lararenko were behind his murder. The purpose was to remove Shcherban as a political opponent. His Liberal party was at the time a mainstream political force, with 60% of lawmakers supporting it and the country’s budget authored by Shcherban,” Dedukh said.
Moreover, according to Dedukh, Shcherban was about to declare Kuchma’s impeachment, and that is why Kuchma and Lazarenko plotted to kill him.
 “When I last spoke to him on Nov. 2, 1996, Shcherban told me there was a hunt for him. Instead of flying to Kyiv from Moscow, he flew to Donetsk. On his arrival to Kyiv, Shcherban was going to call a meeting of Rada lawmakers and announce Kuchma’s impeachment. He told me about it by phone,”Dedukh added. 
As regards Yulia Tymoshenko’s role, Dedukh said she had not been incriminated in any way.
“Shcherban had problems with Lazarenko. The latter owed him $500 mn,” Dedukh said.
The murder of Shcherban was the doing of Ukraine special services. Dedukh said he has no documents confirming this as they were stolen from his Florida house, but he is ready to testify in court, he said.

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