News » Politics 13 March, 2013, 9:37
Venice Commission criticizes how Tymoshenko case was tried by court

According to Komersant-Ukrayina, VC experts say the Ukrainian authorities were too hard accusing Tymoshenko of allegedly abusing her power signing the 2009 unfavorable gas contract with Russia.

 High-ranking officials must face criminal responsibility when they commit ordinary criminal crimes, VC experts say, but they can make mistakes as politicians and their responsibility does not depend on the amount of damage done by their wrong decisions, especially, when, as in the case of Tymoshenko, there was no evidence of personal enrichment .
 “The actions and decisions of cabinet ministers may turn out to be erroneous and short-sighted, causing heavy damage to national interests. These cases should be judged within political, not criminal, dimension,” VC experts continued.
The highest degree of responsibility facing politicians is the vote of no-confidence and resignation, Venice Commission stressed.


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