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Moskal asks Yanukovych to pardon Lutsenko on Easter

Batkivshchyna lawmaker Hennady Moskal wrote a letter to Pres Yanukovych asking him to grant a pardon to jailed opposition leader Yury Lutsenko on Easter, ZN.UA reported March 12.

 “I quoted from the Bible, writing that the Ruler was accustomed to pardon a convict whom the people wanted released,” Moskal said.
Moskal also wants the incumbent to release a native of Krasnoarmijsk who killed a maniac.
Earlier, Yanukovych said the case of Lutsenko had to be tried by the High Specialized Court, before Lutsenko could ask Yanukovych for clemency.
However, Yury Lutsenko said he was not guilty of any crime and would never ask to be pardoned as his case was a case of political persecution.

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