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Lviv authorities to double fringe benefits for UPA fighters

The mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadovyj, has pledged to double the current fringe payments to WWII Ukrainian Insurgent Army fighters, from UAH500 to UAH1,000.

 Sadovyj made this statement addressing a ceremony to commemorate UPA Gen. Roman Shukhevych in Lviv.
 “Those girls and lads stood up in arms to fight for every meter of Ukrainian soil. They fought both against the Soviets and Nazies. Some time ago, we decided to initiate an UAH500 additional payment to their pensions. Now, I think, we can afford to double this fringe benefit. We’re cash-strapped, but we will find the money for this initiative,” the mayor said.
Andriy Sadovyj urged mayors of other cities in the UPA operations area to follow suit. “There is no time to wait. We here are the Ukrainian power, and we must do everything we can,” he added.
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