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Yury Lutsenko: I will never ask Yanukovych for clemency

“I will never ask for clemency. I have nothing to repent. I am a political prisoner of this regime, not a criminal,” Lutsenko wrote in his blog on Ukrayinska Pravda Feb. 27.

 “There are things more important than my personal freedom. I cannot betray the Maidan revolution and democracy. I did not commit any crimes, and the sentences passed by the courts are just political reprisals which have nothing to do with justice,” Yury Lutsenko said.
He said he could be released from prison due to bad health, but the regime has its puppet doctors who give him a clean bill of health.
Another way is via a trial by the European Court, he said. But the regime is dragging its feet, refusing to consider Lutsenko’s appeal to the Supreme Specialized Court, the final stage in Ukraine legislation, following which he can appeal to the European Court, Lutsenko says.
 “The authorities are well aware that I will win my case in the European Court. That is why they will not let the final Ukrainian court consider my appeal,” he says.
The notorious political persecutions in Ukraine must end where they started – in the presidential administration, Lutsenko summed up.
 “I am not going to do the homework for the organizers of my arrest and think up scenarios how to end this dirty show. They should think about the ways out for themselves,” Lutsenko said.


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