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Yanukovych scary of me, Yulia Tymoshenko tells «Politique Internationale»

Pres Yanukovych is scary of anyone who can challenge his office, Tymoshenko told in an interview with Politique Internationale Feb. 16.

 She is awaiting the ruling of the European Court for Human Rights, expecting it will put an end to this brutal repression, Tymoshenko said.
That she is in hospital and not in prison is thanks to the support of the international community, primarily of Angela Merkel and Canada’s Premier Stephan Garper, she said.
“I might have made mistakes in politics,” she admitted, ”but I seldom failed in my forecasts. My case tellingly demonstrates the ruinous effect of the power reform in 2010. Judiciary is dominated by the Supreme Council of Justice, and the latest Criminal Code played havoc with the rights and liberties of Ukrainians. Yanukovych won’t stop until he turns Ukraine into a prison state,” Tymoshenko said.
Tymoshenko noted that Latvia, UK, USA, Spain and Austria have opened probes into dubious deals of Ukraine’s leaders.
She also evaluated her political allies, UDAR and Svoboda parties.
Vitali Klitschko has a good potential to become a heavyweight politician. We are sharing many common principles with him, she said.
As for Svoboda, Tymoshenko called to ignore the accusations of xenophobia leveled against this party.
 “I am convinced that Svoboda will prove it to the world that the false accusations are just part of muck-racking tactics of its opponents,” she added.
She confirmed she would take part in the presidential

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