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Lutsenko asks EU to give Ukraine chance to integrate

Ex-Interior Minister and leader of opposition Yury Lutsenko says Europe should give Ukraine a chance to become a truly European state. Lutsenko said this during his meeting in jail with EP ex-President Pat Cox and ex-Pres Aleksander Kwasniewski, Ukrayinska Pravda reported late Feb. 4.

According to Lutsenko’s wife, Iryna, the talk focused on the EU-Ukraine summit due Feb. 25.
The visitors were interested in Lutsenko’s vision of the domestic and foreign situation ahead of the summit.
They also discussed new charges against Yulia Tymoshenko and Russia’s attitude to them.
 “Lutsenko remains committed to his firm stand that Ukraine should become an associated member and break away from of Moscow’s orbit ,” Iryna said.
 “Regardless of the 30 political prisoners in Ukraine, his 2 years Tymoshenko’s 1.5 year spent in jail and the lost health, Ukraine should be given a chance to become a truly European state,” Iryna quoted her husband as saying. 

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