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Tymoshenko weighs 47 kgs and has hypoxia, Rada lawmaker says

Liudmyla Denysova, who spent, along with two other lawmakers, 2 days in the hospital ward of Yulia Tymoshenko says Yulia Tymoshenko is underweight and has oxygen deprivation. The windows of her ward are sealed with white paper and she cannot even see the trees, reports Jan. 19.

“She is in a very grave condition. She cannot stand on her right foot. Her temperature is very low at 35.4 degrees,” the lawmaker says.
Tymoshenko’s ward in the hospital and her prison cell are not aired. Due to the lack of oxygen Tymoshenko has developed hypoxia. She has not been in the open air for 19 months already, Denysova says.
Video cameras are in all the premises where Tymoshenko can go to – in the restroom, shower, and ward.

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