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Katerynchuk, women lawmakers thrown out of Tymoshenko ward by thugs

At 6 a.m. Jan. 18, three Rada women lawmakers, O. Kuzhel, L. Denysova and T.Sliuz, who were staying in Yulia Tymoshenko’s hospital ward as a protest against video surveillance and men guards, were thrown out of the hospital by a group of unidentified thugs, Rada lawmaker Mykola Katerynchuk said today.

 “In all, there were 6 thugs to every lawmaker. I was told about it by Oleksandra Kuzhel by phone,” he said.
The attackers just told the lawmakers they had a court ruling. They didn’t show or read the ruling though. They didn’t show their identities and just carried the women out by force. The women didn’t have time to take their belongings, Katerynchuk said. 
 “It is appalling that violence was used against the women, despite their deputy immunity and the fact that they didn’t break any law.
The opposition is preparing a law suit now.
All air flights to Kharkiv [where Tymoshenko is kept – Ed.] have been blocked.
There will be a press conference related to the incident soon.
The opposition will inform all foreign embassies in Kyiv about the incident,” Katerynchuk said. 

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