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Three women lawmakers spend night with Tymoshenko in prison hospital

Jan. 16, Yulia Tymoshenko was visited by three Rada women opposition lawmakers, Oleksandra Kuzhel, Liudmyla Denysova and Tetyana Sliuz. They decided to join the protest of Tymoshenko who refused to sleep in her closely guarded hospital ward unless video cameras and men wardens had been removed, UNIAN reports Jan. 17.

 Prison authorities say they issued beds, linen and blankets and food to the women.

At the same time, chief warden Kolpashchykov said the lawmakers were breaking the law, and threatened a legal action against them.

Batkivshchyna’s lawmaker Arsen Avakov told journalists that there is no communication with the three lawmakers. “Yesterday, the authorities took away their cell phones, and now I’m on my way to the hospital to find out what’s happening there,” Avakov said.


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