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Prison warden promises to remove cameras from Tymoshenko’s hospital ward

A group of opposition lawmakers visited the Kachanivska prison and met with its warden, Andry Pavloivsky said, Komersant-Ukrayina reported Jan. 14.

  “We have met with the prison chief. He promised to remove video cameras from Tymoshenko’s ward and the rooms where she is taking treatment. The cameras will also be removed from her shower and bathroom,” Pavlovsky said.
The prison authorities will also meet other demands by Yulia Tymoshenko and replace men guards with women.
Earlier, Tymoshenko’s defense lawyer Serhy Vlasenko said men had access to video cameras installed in her ward. 
Jan. 8, Tymoshenko wrote an open letter to Pres Yanukovych, saying she would go on a civil protest until cameras and round-the-clock guards have been removed from her ward. 

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