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Drunken official crashes into several cars, kills man

Driving a jeep, a drunken high-ranking official, head of a rayon administration, crashed into several cars in Dnipropetrovsk. The accident involved four cars which were badly damaged, with one of the drivers killed, TCH reported late Dec. 1.

 After the accident, the official was taken to hospital. He was soon joined there by several of his colleagues who prevented the police from questioning the official.

The police investigators had to call in riot patrol to move official’s supporters out of the ward, says head of Dnipropetrovsk police Serhy Lytvyn, Ukrayinska Pravda reports Dec. 2. 

The official refused to answer police questions. Meanwhile, he tested positive after a drunkometer test, the police say.

The official is in hospital under police guard. Investigators have already opened a criminal investigation.
For causing a car accident under the influence of alcohol leading to a death of other persons the official faces an 8-year term in prison.

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