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Yury Lutsenko: Yanukovych loses control over future

Ex-Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko congratulated Ukrainians on the occasion of the 2004 Orange revolution and called on the opposition to unite around the idea of building a new Ukraine, not around a new leader.

According to Radio Svoboda, Lutsenko said this in his last word at the appeal court trial Nov. 21.
 “The results of the parliamentary elections were stunning: Steamroller Yanukovych is still controlling the present, but he has lost control over the future. Everything depends on the actions by the opposition in the new legislature. It must become a tight group of politicians working for the sake of Ukraine against a big herd whose single preoccupation is money,” Lutsenko said.
The opposition must learn from the mistakes of the 2004 revolution, and consolidate for the sake of the country, not start looking for a new leader. Ukraine society is mature for changes.


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