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Tymoshenko against repeat elections in 13 contested constituencies

The imprisoned opposition leader says repeat elections proposed by the Central Electoral Commission and Regions majority in the legislature are a bad idea. “If we agree to repeat elections, we will legitimize the falsifications and let down those Ukrainians who are waging a uncompromising battle for every constituency,” Yulia Tymoshenko wrote from prison, Ukrayinska Pravda reported Nov. 7.

“The opposition has the originals of tabulation protocols which give true results. I am asking the opposition to demand the tabulation according to these protocols. Ukrainians have already indicted their choices in the elections, and no further experiments are needed,” she said. 

The opposition have scored a major victory, Tymoshenko continued. 70% of Ukrainians voted against Yanukovych. “Therefore, he is scared stiff, knowing that half of his official 30% vote has been rigged. That is why the incumbent instructed to wring the 13 contested single-seat constituencies from the opposition at any price, giving Regions 13 more defectors.

Tymoshenko stressed the need to punish the election fraudsters. “Unless they are punished, there will be more willing to be implicated in vote-rigging,” she said.

The main culprit is Viktor Yanukovych, Ukrainians shouldn’t be naïve: he is the true mastermind of the rigged elections, Tymoshenko said.


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