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Lutsenko calls on opposition to recognize elections

Amid calls by some opposition leaders not to recognize the results of the Oct. 28 elections, Yury Lutsenko believes they should be declared valid by the opposition for the sake of 2015 presidential elections, Ukrayinska Pravda cites his interview with Komersant-Ukrayina Nov. 1.

 While the Party of Regions kept within the tally framework assigned by exit polls for the elections on party lists, it fully made up for it scoring twice as high as the opposition in the one-seat constituencies, Lutsenko notes. 

The steep rise of Regions popularity there is a clear indication of electoral fraud, Lutsenko says.

This was achieved by massive bribery of voters and election commissions’ staff, the opposition leader says.

As a result, for Regions the defeat in the proportional representation part turned into a well paid-for win in one-seat constituencies, he notes.

Such tactics by Regions cannot be called democratic, but it is better to work in the falsified legislature using it as a hub of democratic forces in preparations for the 2015 presidential election than to ignore “this ugly child of Regions’ spin doctors” and let the regime complete the construction of the authoritative archipelago without any commitments toward the European Union, Lutsenko says.

“We are only too well aware what the next elections will look like without the European monitoring umbrella. I therefore, asked the OBSE PA vice president and will ask US and EU ambassadors at my forthcoming meeting with them to recognize the elections, stressing their departure from the accepted democratic standards,” Yury Lutsenko said. 

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